Hello and thanks for stopping by, we’re really happy to meet you. We imagine you’re curious about what’s in store for the project at the corner of 51st and Telegraph, and while it might not look like much now, someday soon there will be a new building there. One that will provide much-needed housing, stores, restaurants and a park for all to enjoy.

We’ll provide a range of affordable housing on site, modern light-filled spaces for locally-owned restaurants and retail, and a grocery store. Oh, and an acre of rooftop farms to grow the tastiest food you’ve ever had. We’ll cover the site with tons of beautiful landscaping inspired by Frog Park and invite everyone to come and experience it.

We still need to get some approvals and permits, but we’re working very hard to get all this done so we can open the doors to residents and the community soon. We think this project will add to the vibrancy that is Temescal and we’re really excited to share it with you. So thanks for stopping by to learn more. Please look around, enjoy the pictures, and share your thoughts with us.




5110 Telegraph @ Temescal