News & Updates

September, 2018 – Within the last two months we’ve completed four major concrete pours in the subterranean parking structure.

April, 2018 – We’ve bottomed out! After a wet winter along with unforeseen delays, we’ve reached the bottom of the excavation.

September, 2017 –  Groundbreaking celebration on the site with our team and the community who helped us get here.

January, 2017 – We are excited to announce that a Whole Foods 365 grocery store will be occupying the ground floor retail space. Please see the press release here.

November, 2016 – Begin plan check process.

June, 2016 – The Planning Commission has unanimously approved the project!

April, 2016 – The City completed its CEQA analysis of the project on April 29. The complete document is available at the City of Oakland’s Planning and Zoning website here.

March, 2016 – Temporary Urban Farm installation started. Click here for more information about Top Leaf Farms.

February, 2016 – Demolition completed.

November, 2015 – Temporary Urban Farm use permit approved. In anticipation of the permanent rooftop farm we’ll be installing a temporary urban farm on site to test our green thumb. All eyes are on the site for an organic farm sprouting up!

October, 2015 – The Design Review Committee unanimously supported the project and has provided us with some helpful feedback and suggestions for moving forward.

March, 2015 – Submit City of Oakland Use Permit Application.







5110 Telegraph @ Temescal